On Ups and Downs

Last week, I shortened my working hours to part-time internship, so as to have more time for self-studying at hand. Just because there are no lectures at the moment doesn't mean I have to stop studying altogether, right? And I do miss uni so much... For some reason, on Sunday the fact that I actually… Continue reading On Ups and Downs


Update: On Being an Intern

So this has only been my second day, but I would like to add new thoughts to my last entry. I wrote that while academic work does not have a direct impact on the larger society (at least not when one is still an undergrad), working in a store does have an immediate impact. While… Continue reading Update: On Being an Intern

On Endings

With the end of this week, my time at my current university also comes to an end. Last term, I finished my bachelor's degree. As I finished it around application deadlines, I was not able to apply for a master program in time, thus I remained at my uni and chose my classes solely based… Continue reading On Endings